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St. Luke's Hospital created the Tour de Wellness to promote healthy living practices and raise awareness of the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle. St. Luke's recognizes wellness is crucial to living a higher quality of life, and exercise and proper nutrition are key components. The Tour de Wellness provides a fun and active event for the community each year. Sponsorship is vital to the success of the Tour de Wellness and continuing St. Luke's mission of improving the health of the community. Your sponsorship can help make St. Luke's Tour de Wellness a success! Please consider supporting this important event through one of our sponsorship levels.

The Tour de Wellness raises funds to support St Luke's health and wellness outreach programs. These programs impact the lives of more than 40,000 residents in our community each year that could be at risk for or are already living with a chronic health condition. Chronic conditions - such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes - are the leading causes of death in the United States. Chronic conditions impact one of every ten Americans and account for 81 percent of hospital admissions, 91 percent of prescriptions, and 76 percent of physician office visits. Through health education and screenings, St. Luke's Hospital is working to change this outlook.

Tour de Wellness is a significant fund raiser for St. Luke's, but even more importantly one of our largest venues through which to promote and support commitment to a lifestyle that emphasizes healthy nutrition, exercise, and wellness. As in prior years, St. Luke's will team up with numerous cycling shops, gyms, cycling groups and community organizations to promote the Tour. Information about the event will be mailed to more than 50,000 homes through the hospital's community mailings, and we will also leverage social media, online calendars, and other media efforts to communicate our message.

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